The QuickFit Vision,

Fast, Local, Fitness. That is what we are about. 

You will find all of our locations will be the most convenient locations to your house. You will no longer have to purchase a cheap gym membership that is in a warehouse 15 minutes away. When a QuickFit opens in your suburb you know it will be less than 5 minutes from your house OR you can walk/ride/run there. 

The members we attract are goal driven, focused, community minded, extremely friendly, not hardcore and they care about the facility by always leaving it tidy or wiping equipment after using it. It's the local gym and everyone takes pride in, its YOUR QuickFit gym. 

You won't find people 'hanging out' at a QuickFit gym. You won't find a selfie culture. You won't find members who sit around on equipment. Members are there for a fast workout in a high quality facility, with new equipment that is super convenient so they get value for money for their membership since they actually use it!

Come and see what all the fuss is about. 


Get your weekly recharge from the external daily grind.


A reputation for the most convenient, close to home locations.