QuickFit prides itself on having the highest of quality Personal Trainers staffing our gyms. After being in the industry for 8 years, we know who the provides proper education to trainers based on experience from employing a variety of Trainers over the years from all different education provides. Let’s face it, the Personal Training certification industry is rather saturated, that is why QuickFit has teamed up with a Registered Training Authority to educate and train our own Personal Trainers so you can walk straight into a job once you’ve completed the qualification and we won’t have to spend 3 weeks re-training you on all the things you weren’t taught throughout your course.


Now, QuickFit is offering a comprehensive online Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 Personal Training worldwide qualification. The industry is now strictly regulated and gone are the days where it was ok to be a Personal Trainer and not have a qualification. Without a qualification you cannot get insured and registered with Fitness Australia.

Given the amount of competition in the certification industry, QuickFit's unique point of difference is that we have a walk in job ready for you upon completion of your qualification PLUS you get to do your work placement hours at the gym that is linked to your qualification (if you are Melbourne based) otherwise work placement can be done with affiliated gyms interstate. 


The online setup is structure identical to a University online system with weekly tutorials, classroom collaboration with fellow students and all required readings to ensure your education is thorough and industry ready. The course can be done at your own pace alongside work or sporting commitments but we recommend allowing 2 months for the Certificate 3 and 1 month for the Certificate 4. Both Certifications include a minimum of workplace experience as this is what adds the winning edge to your experience in the industry. What to expect from our online course:

  • Flexible training – be incomplete control of your studies.

  • Live one-on-one web tutorials with your mentor – organised at times to suit you throughout your course.
  • Expert trainers – that work in the industry and has developed RWM’s award winning courses. 
  • Best possible support from our trainers – to guide and assist you and help you become the best you can be.
  • Interactive eLearning – designed to suit everyone from IT experts to people with no computer skills.
  • Great course material – detailed training films, workbooks, realistic assessments, engaging student forums and much more.


Personal Training as a job isn’t just learning the fitness and weight loss principles. As a business we have to re-train ALL of our trainers who lack customer service skills, role playing ability and conversion structure that are required to work in this industry. Our course equips you with all the tools required to walk into any gym Australia wide and be able to successful run your own solo Personal Training clientele right through to fully opening your own Personal Training studio or 24hr gym. We cannot stress enough about some of the other courses out there that aren’t providing a complete package to a Personal Training qualification. By partnering with a Registered Training Organisation our course was written by Bachelor of Exercise Science professionals who have worked with the Wallabies, Triathlon Australia, Athletics Australia and on the board of Directors of Fitness Australia. The course will provide you with the competence to be able to provide knowledge to your clients on Nutrition, muscular skeletal knowledge, step by step training on how to own your own gym, anatomy, training children, training the elderly, periodisation for elite athletes, power/strength/weight loss programming to name a few.


So what are you waiting for? get your qualification on a pay as you go commitment with an industry experienced learning environment.